Starr Electric engineers and industry professionals utilize in-house design to exceed the expectations of our clients and bring their projects to life. Our staff consists of industry professionals who have multiple certifications to provide the latest in electrical systems for the A/E/C Market. We have completed numerous design-build facilities in a multitude of industry market segments, and our in-house staff works closely with owners and general contractors on every project to guarantee first pass success.



Starr Electric consists of licensed engineers and industry veterans who know and understand a wide array of multi-faceted systems, equipment, gear and projects. Our extensive industry experience is a clear attribute in helping clients complete drawings from any stage in the design process, and we have completed numerous design-assist projects throughout the Mid Atlantic region. At Starr Electric, our methodology is simple: listen first, analyze second, and deliver successful results time and time again.


Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

IPD or integrated Project Delivery Procurement requires a great deal of collaboration between us, the General Contractor, Engineers and Owner. This process is driven by the total collaboration of the entire project team from day one. The IPD process requires the entire team to work in a harmonious manner to complete the project from start to finish producing the highest quality craft within the confines of the budget by all parties. By using our vast expertise in the IPD procurement method we can drive home the project through collocated "Big Box" meetings, BIM, Target Value Design, Pull Planning, Cloud sharing for all information sharing, prefabrication and off site construction as well as just in time deliveries.


Building Information Modeling (BIM)

In Starr Electric's engineering services sector, the motto is, "Collaborate to Coordinate." To do this, we rely heavily on the data gathered and managed by building information modeling (BIM) technology. Our seasoned professionals then take that information and use it to design systems by highlighting collisions or impact zones to guarantee superior installs. Revit® MEP, Architecture, Structure, Navisworks® Freedom, Manage, CADPIPE and Inventor are just some of the in-house technologies we use. And when paired with nearly a century of experience, BIM helps us ensure that every job is done right the first time.



Starr Electric understands that time is of the essence, whether it involves building and servicing your project or working with state agencies to meet legal and regulatory demands. By allowing customer needs to dictate our schedules, we can boost efficiency and reduce wasted time and expense. This ensures that projects are completed on time, every time.