Project Overview

Charlotte, N.C.

General Contractor
Rodgers Builders

LS3P Associates

Length of Project
16 months

86,000 sq. ft.

UNC-Charlotte Bioinformatics Building

UNCC Bioinformatics:

  • Four-story research laboratory and classroom facility with varying levels of HVAC pressurization
  • Core area BSL-3 lab with anteroom
  • Door interlocks had complete enclosed and gasketed surface mounted fixtures
  • Wiring methods within this room resembled special classification installations with cast malleable boxes; Teflon taped threaded hub conduit connections, and seal-off fittings at the exit of the room
  • Raceways were flush within the walls, and sealed to the wall surface beneath a standard wall plate
  • Fed from the campus 15-kV loop, this building is serviced with a 1,500-kVA, customer-owned transformer through a 3,000-amp 480/277-volt service
  • 750-kilowatt genset provides redundant power through three separate standby one-line configurations to satisfy critical, equipmentand optional emergency power requirements
  • Bus-duct risers carry these normal and emergency power sources through the stacked electrical rooms in the building
  • 3,600 feet of multiple feed surface raceway were seamlessly coordinated with lab furniture vendors
  • Linear direct/indirect T5lighting is suspended in all lab spaces
  • A complete addressable fire alarm system is integrated with the campus global system
  • Multiple power meters and other monitor interface points in the automated lighting control system, fire alarm, and generator, are linked to the building automation system to provide real time status data